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Jet Ski Tour around Comino and Blue Lagoon

Hondoq Bay, Gozo


1.5 hours


Up to 7 days

Group Size

4 people




Join us on an exciting jet ski safari and discover the coastlines of Comino & Blue Lagoon with unforgettable views and mesmerizing crystal clear waters.

We’ll be cruising along the coastline, exploring secluded areas, bays and natural arches. You will also have the opportunity to swim in sea caves.

Our jet ski safari starts at Comino. From there you will be following our guide on your jet ski, exploring:

• Blue Lagoon
• San Niklaw Bay & Creek
• Santa Marija Bay
• Santa Maria Caves
• Crystal Lagoon

No matter if you prefer swimming or enjoying the sun, we will make it a truly memorable day at sea together.


Depending on the weather and other conditions, we will adjust the experience accordingly.

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  • We'll be cruising along the coastlines, exploring secluded lagoons, sea caves, intriguing cliffs and natural arches.
  • We'll be visiting Blue Lagoon, San Niklaw Bay and Creek, Santa Marija Bay, Santa Maria Caves and Crystal Lagoon.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Our certified guides will give you an operational and safety briefing.
  • Bring a friend at no extra cost.

What is included

  • Jet Ski
  • Fuel
  • Life Jacket
  • 60-minutes Tour
  • Professional Local Tour Guide
  • Operational and Safety Briefing
  • You can bring a passenger over 8 years old

What to bring

  • Valid Identity Card or Passport
  • Swimwear & Towel
  • Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen
  • Water
  • Waterproof Bag
  • Camera / Go Pro

Meeting Point

Hondoq Bay, Gozo


Cancellation Policy
For a full refund, cancel up to 7 days before the tour start time, or within 24 hours of booking as long as the booking is made more than 48 hours before the start time.

This tour requires good weather. If it’s cancelled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund.
Guest Requirements
Guests ages 18 and up can attend as a driver or passenger.

Guests ages 8 - 17 can attend as passenger with a legal guardian.

We do not recommend this experience if you:

• Suffer from motion sickness
• Are pregnant
• Have serious back or neck problems
• Have heart problems or other serious medical conditions
• Have had a recent injury or surgeries
• Have fear of open water (Thalassophobia)
What we suggest you to bring
Valid Identity Card or Passport
Swimwear & Towel
Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen
Waterproof Bag
Camera / Go Pro
A big smile and a sense of adventure ;-)
How early should I arrive for the jet ski tour?
Guests should arrive 20 minutes prior to the departure time.
I need to change my booking. How can I do this?
As we are a booking agent, we do not have any means of changing the booking. Please contact the operator directly. The information is provided on the booking confirmation email.
What is a jet ski tour?
Our tour consists of a group of several jet skis which stay within a reasonable distance, following our guide to several locations.
Is this jet ski tour suitable for beginners?
Yes, jet ski’s are very simple to operate and comfortable to drive. Our certified guides will give you an operational and safety briefing before we depart and are always close by while out on the water.
How old do you have to be to drive or operate the jet ski?
You must be 18 years and over to operate a jet ski on our tour. Also you will need to provide a valid identity card or passport.
Do I need a license to drive a jet ski?
No, you do not need any license to drive or ride a jet ski on our tour. Since this is a guided tour, all you will need is to provide a valid identity card or passport and must be 18 years and over to drive.
Can I bring a passenger?
All jet skis can accommodate up to 2 people on one jet ski, provided the combined weight of the riders is under 225 kg. So yes, please bring a friend and share the fun!
Is the cost per passenger or per jet ski?
The price is per jet ski and we will allow 1 or 2 people on one jet ski, provided the combined weight of the riders is under 225 kg.
How many people can ride on a jet ski?
We will allow 1 or 2 people on one jet ski, provided the combined weight of the riders is under 225 kg.
What is the minimum age to join the jet ski tour?
Guest ages 8 - 17 years old are allowed to join the jet ski tour as a passenger accompanied by a legal guardian.
If there are two people sharing a jet ski, can we switch drivers during the tour?
Yes, as long as both drivers are 18 and over. You may switch during the tour only at designated areas allowed by the tour guide.
Is there a weight limit to use the jet ski?
Yes, up to two guests are allowed per jet ski and cannot exceed a total combined weight of 225 kg.
What should I wear for the jet ski tour?
We highly recommend wearing your swim wear, as you will certainly be getting wet.
Are life jackets provided during the jet ski tour?
Yes, life jackets are mandatory and are provided for operators and passengers.
What if I fall off the jet ski?
If you should fall off, the emergency cut off switch will disable the jet ski and your life vest will keep you afloat while you re-board from the rear side of the jet ski.


Based on 45 reviews
Very Good

Shanti Shanti

We are 5 Koreans "Jonathan" welcomed us warmly and gave perfect explanations. Where we had to stop, they allowed us time to enjoy the scenery and took pictures in beautiful places. It was much more fun than jet skiing in Guam or Saipan. If I had time, I would have done it one more time. The next day, we rented a boat and explored the same course ourselves and enjoyed swimming. Thank you Joyride and Jonathan for giving us the best experience in Gozo!
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Elena Oliva Santana

We found them by luck! We were approached and explained the different options, and the staff there were patient + very accommodating to our requests. On the first day we took the cave trip with a stop in Comino (Blue lagoon), this was informative and we got asked when we wanted to be picked up. They were on time and really nice. We booked for the next day in the Jetski Safari, had a great Indonesian guide who was lovely, informative and took us to the best spots. Took videos of us too! Overall great memories were made thanks to them. Would highly recommend.
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J. B.

Friendly team, top guide, professional and efficient, superb Jetski safari I recommend 👍 …

Lilla Thuraya

An absolute blast of a birthday! Was our favorite day during the whole trip. We went on an hour long jet ski safari and later on the day for a 3 hour sunset self driving boat. Everything was explained thoroughly and the prices were reasonable. We enjoyed that we could go fast with the jet-skis despite being in a group led by Matthew on the speedboat. Jonathan and his dear family were also absolutely amazing to us while we were there, amazing people, they truly made our day wonderful, can only recommend them!!
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Nik Lawa

Top! Clear, direct and friendly at a fair price. We rented a jet ski one day and then a boat 2 days later with no need for a license. Both the jet ski and the boat were highly motorized (significantly more powerful than in Spain, for example). Explanations regarding the boat/jet ski and the rules on water were short and concise, without too much talk. I would recommend it at any time.

Berry Breene

We had a great time renting jet skis for our friend’s birthday. The clear blue waters and rock formations were breathtaking during the hour-long tour and the owners were very helpful and kind!

Jonas Kromer

We really enjoyed the guided jetski safari around Comino. Our tour guide was great, all people there were really nice.

Syl V

We had a great time with the 1 hour jet ski safari. The staff is very friendly, the route around Comino is extraordinary. We really have time to enjoy jet skiing in the open sea. Do it without hesitation.

Rene Kaspar

Jetski safari was really cool. Fast way to see the blue lagoon and all the water caves of Comino. We reached up to 65 kmh which sounds slow - but it is not on the water 😄

Aline Afonso

We did the 1 hour (even a little more) jet ski safari, it was incredible, magnificent landscapes, new jet ski in superb condition, we were able to enjoy the landscapes but also have fun, I recommend!

Georgiana Mifsud

Had such an amazing time. Would really recommend to anyone looking to have some fun activities. So friendly best jetski ride ever. Highly recommend 🌊🌊

Victor Sylvestre

Amazing trip with jet ski around Comino, with fast steps and low steps and information about the Comino’s history !!


We did jetski with friends then we took a boat for 6 hours it was a very pleasant day. Also thanks to the manager who gave us a lot of good advices on what to visit on Gozo and Comino. Prices are really attractive, and no deposit needed. Unmissable spot for boat or jetski rental. I recommend 100%

Vltn Dng

We booked jetskis and a boat. The prices are good, all the people are really kind, they give clear explanations. You can pay by cash or card. If I come back to Malta I know where to go.

Adriana Yepes G

Incredible!! I loved. Good prices for renting jet skis and boats. Quiet and beautiful to spend a day at the beach as a couple or with the family!!

Elodie Campisi

Located on Hondoq Bay, a small paradise beach, Joy Ride offers a wide range of aquatic activities for all tastes! As a couple, we opted for a 1-hour jet ski session to tour the island of Comino 🤩🤩 I think it’s my best memory of our trip to Malta! Guaranteed sensations and breathtaking landscapes, accompanied by a more than friendly and available guide!!

Quinta De Craene

Very friendly staff. We had a fun jetski ride!

Colin Lengele

We toured Comino by jet ski, accompanied by a boat. Great experience, nice staff and beautiful location.

Kevin Desmouceaux

Great time with my best friend. Jonathan is great. We did the 1 hour tour around Comino, this island is just magnificent with these caves. If you are looking for or jet skiing in Malta honestly these are here! Thanks a lot Jonathan I hope come back one day to make another tour.

Tidor Jean

Thank you very much to Jonathan for his patience and kindness! It was a first for me to go jet skiing, and it was an experience that I recommend to everyone!
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