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Comino Ferry from Gozo to Blue Lagoon (Round-Trip)

Mgarr Harbour, Gozo


15 minutes


Up to 7 days

Group Size

32 people




Enjoy a direct Comino ferry service from Gozo to Blue Lagoon (Comino).

Comfortable easy boarding on our fast ferry to the island of Comino. Once onboard of the ferry you will enjoy some views of the coastline of Gozo. After a short boat ride of only 15 minutes, you will reach the famous Blue Lagoon.


Depending on the weather and other conditions, we will adjust the experience accordingly.


  • The ferry crossing is about 15 minutes.
  • We depart every hour.
  • There are multiple departure times throughout the day, so you can choose a time convenient for you.
  • The price includes a return ticket.

What is included

  • Round-trip Comino ferry service

What to bring

  • Swimwear & Towel
  • Water Shoes / Sandals
  • Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen
  • Water & Snacks
  • Waterproof Bag
  • Camera

Meeting Point

Mgarr Harbour, Gozo


Cancellation Policy
For a full refund, cancel up to 7 days before the ferry start time, or within 24 hours of booking as long as the booking is made more than 48 hours before the start time.

This ferry requires good weather. If it’s cancelled due to poor weather, you’ll be offered a different date or a full refund.
Guest Requirements
We do not recommend this ferry service if you:

• Suffer from motion sickness
• Are pregnant
• Have serious back or neck problems
• Have fear of open water (Thalassophobia)
Ferry schedule from Mgarr (Gozo)
Ferry schedule from Blue Lagoon (Comino)
What we suggest you to bring
Swimwear & Towel
Water Shoes / Sandals
Hat, Sunglasses & Sunscreen
Water & Snacks
Waterproof Bag
How early should I arrive for the Comino ferry?
Please plan on arriving at least 5 minutes prior to departure time to allow for boarding.
Is there parking available near the departure point for the Comino ferry?
Yes, there is parking available directly across the street from the terminal.
Should I make advance reservations for the Comino ferry?
Advance reservations are strongly recommended to avoid disappointment. Especially during the high season.
I need to change my booking. How can I do this?
As we are a booking agent, we do not have any means of changing the booking. Please contact the operator directly. The information is provided on the booking confirmation email.
How long is the Comino ferry?
The Comino ferry takes approximately 15 minutes for each direction.
Can I buy food and/or drinks onboard the Comino ferry?
No, there isn’t an onboard snack bar on this ferry, but you can purchase food and/or drinks once you arrive to Blue Lagoon in Comino.
Are we allowed to bring our own food and drinks on board the Comino ferry?
Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food and drinks.
Are we allowed to bring luggage on the Comino ferry?
Yes, each passenger can bring one carry-on luggage.
Are we allowed to bring pets on the Comino ferry?
No, pets are not allowed on this ferry.
Is smoking permitted on the Comino ferry?
No, smoking is not permitted on this ferry.
Are there toilet facilities available on board the Comino ferry?
No, there isn’t any toilet facilities available on this ferry, but you can use the restrooms once you arrive to Blue Lagoon in Comino.
Are there lockers on the Comino ferry?
No, there isn’t any lockers available on this ferry, but you can use the lockers once you arrive to Blue Lagoon in Comino.
Who do I contact if I have lost some property on the Comino ferry?
As we are a booking agent, we do not have any means of obtaining lost property. Please contact the operator directly. The information is provided on the booking confirmation email.


Based on 248 reviews
Very Good

Alemia pat

Notre expérience avec cette entreprise a été terrible Les raisons pour lesquelles J'allais vous donner ZÉRO ÉTOILES mais ce n'est pas possible alors je vous en donne une ! 1) il nous a fait pression en nous disant que le ferry partait maintenant mais il est parti au bout de 15 minutes 2) il ne nous laissait pas parler avec les autres ferries pour un meilleur prix 3) il dit que le prix est de 15 € et qu'il le laisserait pour 10 juste pour nous, mais en réalité le prix pour chaque ferry était de 10 € 4) les chauffeurs fumaient de l'herbe pendant que nous étions sur le bateau 5) il nous a aussi menti en disant qu'il viendrait nous chercher à 7 heures pour que nous puissions les accompagner mais il ne l'a jamais fait et le chauffeur nous a dit de venir à 6h15, ne soyez pas en retard 6) il ne nous a pas informé que sur le chemin du retour, nous allions aux grottes et nous arrêterions d'abord à Malte, puis à l'île de Gozo et à cause de cela, nous avons perdu notre ferry pour La Valette Dans l'ensemble, je ne recommanderais pas cette entreprise pour que vous alliez sur l'île de Comino.
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kaede Ryuko

Going to Comino was chill but the ride back was a bit crowded, touching your seat neighbors knees and all that. It was fun seeing the young worker eat his white chocolate covered magnum vanilla ice cream as if it was the only snack he got during the whole work day! Anyways enjoy the photos and stuff

Catherine Whitmer

We got to the lagoon and back 👍 …

Emilie I

Franchement honteux , nous avons pris cette compagnie au hasard déjà les prix sont a la tête du client , de plus le retour un calvaire 2 heures de temps à attendre sur le ponton le bateau du retour , une horde de monde qui bousculent nous étions avec deux enfants de 4 et 6 ans , le bateau est partie sans nous , le deuxieme n'a pas accosté au bon endroit et le troisième bateau de cette compagnie était réservé et privé , bref avons attendu deux heures en plein cagnard avec deux enfants sur le ponton . Zéro étoiles . Le bateau est finalement arrivée a 16 h alors que nous devions le prendre a 14 h 15 et nous a amené voir deux grottes .
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karolina pawluś

best servies

Mehak Bansal

The crew members were very friendly, they were the humblest and you can have the best of your time in the cruise to Camino. Also this will be the cheapest service provider to Camino. Totally recommended

Thomas Davies

Friendly crew and reliable punctual service

Andreea Bocaneala

We had the best time of our Maltese trip. Joe is a very nice sailor and he showed us arround Comino and Gozo.

Samuel Quesne

We came to the port not knowing which company to book a crossing to Comino with. Representatives from Bella approached us and we negotiated a little on price before purchasing tickets. The ride was fine, they were on time. We had a fantastic time at Blue Lagoon and couldn't really fault the company that took us there. Having said that, the other seemed to be comparable in price and service so I don't think it really matters who you choose.
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nathalie blanc

Très bon accueil, the red parasol Paul is the best.... Sans hésiter....

Will Entrekin

Terrific experience. Joe was an excellent captain (with some great local food recommendations) and Christof had some great insight into local sights. It was a quick hop from the Gozo dock to Comino, where the first thing you should do is get a drink in a pineapple and the second thing is take a twenty minute walk to San Maria beach. The ferry operates frequently and regularly, and the price is reasonable.

Ankit Sharma

I had an absolutely fantastic experience with Bella Camino ferry when traveling from Gozo Island to Comino Island. From start to finish, it was a journey filled with awe and delight. The ferry itself was not just a mode of transportation but an adventure in its own right. The sleek and well-maintained vessel provided a comfortable and scenic journey. As we embarked on our voyage, I was mesmerized by the breathtaking views of the crystal-clear Mediterranean waters. The turquoise hues of the sea and the warm Mediterranean sun created a picturesque backdrop that made the journey unforgettable.
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Anna Svobodová

Tuto společnost doporučujeme všema deseti! Velmi milé a příjemné jednání prodejců, dokonce nám dali slevu. Při čekání na loď za námi přišli, že k večeru pojedou na Maltu a jestli nechceme tedy z Comina vzít tam (což se nám hodilo víc). Odvezli nás tam zcela zdarma. Loď jela přesně, jeli jsme asi posledním svozem z Goza na Comino a měli jsme to štěstí, že jsme měli celou loď pro sebe - jedinečný zážitek :-) V porovnání se sousední společností Ebsons je to obrovský rozdíl! Ebsons určitě neberte, jejich jednání je extrémně sprosté a neprofesionální!
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Chaman deep Kaur

The crew of Bella Camino ferry was incredibly hospitable and attentive. They made sure every passenger felt safe and comfortable throughout the trip. Their local knowledge and friendly demeanor added an extra layer of charm to the experience. One of the highlights of the journey was when we approached Comino Island. The anticipation grew as we saw the stunning Blue Lagoon come into view. It was like something out of a dream – the azure waters, the rugged coastline, and the pristine sandy beach. Bella Camino ferry's strategic timing allowed us ample time to explore and swim in this natural wonder.
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Anna N

Super Bootsfahrt um 15€/Person - sehr empfehlenswert

Sujay AJ

Great boating experience

Dusan Susilovic

A Dangerous lie (EVIDENCE) - Paying for ticket: first when we came to pier uber driver recommended this ferry operator both uber driver and ticket seller said “We came just in time and ferry will leave soon” That was a big lie we waited another 45-50 minutes from ferry to arrive. - Boarding: When time to board came we entered vessel and taken seats, while we wore setting up they loaded mid-large scale of PINEAPPLE baskets in PASSENGER compartment WITHOUT any straps, belts, security features, etc… - Waiting ferry to arrive: Ferry operator told us that he will be back for us at 17:30 however ferry arrived at 17:58 (28 minutes late) ferry was overloaded when we asked skipper how he can drive even if limit for passengers are 34 (32 +2) there was at least 40+ passengers ( I HAVE VIDEO LISTED HERE) He said : “ I know what i’m doing, if you want to wait for next one exit now” (he said that with jerk tone). — Over all avoid this ferry operator in big big circle, dangerous and a fraud !!!
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Eva Homma

Goede service. Kapitein zag dat onze dochter moe was en liet haar varen. Vriendelijk personeel.

Janis Zvaigzne

Iespaids tikai un vienīgi pozitīvs

Georg Bitter

Die Hin- und Rückfahrt von Gozo zur blauen Lagune kostet 10 Euro oder 15 Euro mit Besichtigung der Höhlen (Vorbeifahrt). Für eine Familie mit 2 Kindern haben wir 50 Euro mit Höhlen bezahlt. Weil das stündlich fahrende Boot gerade losgefahren war, hat er uns eine exklusive Überfahrt organisiert. Sehr nett! Uns und den Kindern hat die Tour gefallen. Man sollte früh morgens aufbrechen = spätestens das Boot um 9 Uhr nehmen (dabei Zeit fürs Parken des Autos einplanen). Die wunderschöne Bucht zum Baden ist nämlich am frühen Morgen noch recht leer, aber ab Mittag völlig überfüllt mit der Atmosphäre des Oktoberfestes.
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