``Amigo Boat Trips & Charters specializes in unforgettable boat tours, trips, and rentals in the stunning waters of Malta. With a mission to offer customized experiences, they provide both private and shared boat trips to iconic destinations like the Blue Lagoon, Crystal Lagoon, Comino, and Gozo. Their unique itineraries include kayak tours and Gozo day trips, catering to adventure seekers, snorkelers, and hikers alike. With instant bookings, friendly staff, and a stellar 5-star rating for their tours, Amigo Boat Trips & Charters stands out as a top choice for those seeking thrilling maritime adventures in Malta.``

Discover Malta's Hidden Gems With Our Boat Trips (4 Options)

Indulge in the ultimate Mediterranean adventure with our boat trips, designed to whisk you away to the breathtaking islands of Gozo, Comino, and the world-renowned Blue Lagoon. Whether you're seeking a coastal exploration or a leisurely day of island hopping, we have the perfect adventure for you.

Find Your Perfect Escape With our Private Boat Trips in Malta!

Escape the crowds and embark on an unforgettable adventure exploring the stunning Maltese islands of Gozo, Comino, and the famed Blue Lagoon. Our exclusive private boat trips promise a day filled with excitement, relaxation, and awe-inspiring natural beauty.
malta comino island blue lagoon beach

2-Hour Express

€200.00 - 6 People Max

Ideal for those short on time but craving a taste of Malta's coastal wonders. Cruise along the shoreline, snap a few photos of the beautiful landscape, & dip your toes into the crystal clear waters of the Blue Lagoon.
Blue Lagoon Tour Malta

4-Hour Island Escape

€410.00 - 6 People Max

Dive deeper into Malta's natural beauty with three hours of exploration. Anchor at secluded coves for refreshing swims, snorkel among vibrant marine life, and soak up the sun on the pristine beaches of Comino.
snorkeling in blue lagoon comino in malta

6-Hour Discovery

€500.00 - 6 People Max

Immerse yourself in the charm of Gozo and Comino with four hours of adventure. Discover hidden caves, marvel at dramatic cliffs, and enjoy a leisurely lunch on board while gazing at panoramic sea views.
Boat Hire Malta

8-Hour Island Hopper

€740.00 - 6 People Max

Experience the luxury of time with a 6 hour voyage exploring the highlights of Malta's coastal gems. From Gozo's beaches to swimming in the turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon, every moment is yours to treasure.

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Embark on a journey of discovery and adventure in the breathtaking island of Gozo. Whether you crave the thrill of exploration on the water or the charm of history and culture on land, we have the perfect experience for you.


Join us for an unforgettable Kayak & Speedboat adventure starting from the port Mgarr in Gozo. The journey unfolds in two thrilling parts: first, embark on a beginner-friendly 1.5-hour kayaking expedition along the coastline, exploring secluded areas and crystal-clear waters. No prior experience is necessary as we provide a safety briefing and paddle tutorial, ensuring a fun and safe experience. Then, hop on a short boat ride to the stunning Blue Lagoon, where you can relax on sandy beaches, swim in caves, hike along the coastline, and immerse yourself in the beauty of this mesmerizing island. Don't miss out on this opportunity to experience unforgettable views and mesmerizing waters with us.

Gozo Island Full Day Tour

Embark on an enchanting land tour of Gozo Island, where every corner reveals nature's breathtaking scenery. Begin at the majestic Mixta Cave, a hidden gem showcasing ancient geological formations. Journey to the shores of Ramla Bay, a serene oasis of azure waters and soft sand. Explore the Salt Pans, a testament to Gozo's salt production heritage. Discover the beauty of Wied il-Għasri and Wied il-Mielah, where rugged cliffs meet crystal-clear waters. Marvel at the iconic Dwejra, home to the captivating Fungus Rock. Finally, stand in at the Ta' Ċenċ Cliffs, offering panoramic views of the endless azure horizon. Experience the wonders of Gozo Island, where each location promises an unforgettable experience with nature.

Ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure in the Maltese archipelago? Contact us now to book your boat trip and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you're traveling solo, with family, or celebrating a special occasion, let us tailor an itinerary that exceeds your expectations.